What to expect

I believe in defensive driving and safety. An emphasis was placed on it in from the company I retired from. I believe in adjusting to traffic, safe following distances, leaving myself an out, taking in the big picture, keep my eyes moving, making sure people see me (white vehicles, lights on) to make you feel at ease. 

We have front and rear dash cams installed for our protection from other motorist. 

We comply with Covid-19 recommendations and customer comfort. Vehicles are sanitized between use, hand sanitizer is available, plexiglass divider between front and rear seats and masks in use.

For flights it is recommended that you check are checked in 1 hour before scheduled departure. We like to build in additional "buffer" time for any unforeseen circumstances we may encounter (Construction, etc.) and travel time to each airport varies 

What do we offer?

We offer an Airport Shuttle and Reserved Car Service, insured and authorized to do business at Airports. 


So why pick us?  


*We provide late model Ford vehicles, for your comfort.

*We have most reasonable fares.

*We want you to relax let us do they driving 

*We want you to feel safe and secure

*We want to earn your confidence. 

What will you be riding in? 

Currently we have two vehicles, a Ford Transit Connect Passenger Van and a Ford Escape Mid-size SUV.


Reservations are recommended. Call and leave a message, or text 910-773-0368, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible (but not while I’m driving).

To recap - what do I have to offer?

1) We will to get you to your destination safely.

2) We will get you to you destination on time.

3) We strive for you to have a clean, comfortable ride.

4) Friendly customer service.

5) We offer competitive pricing.

6) Fully insured

7) Authorized to business at Airport

8) Considerably more of your money stays local.

We look forward to hearing form you soon! Safe Travels!


Chris Laton